The Mission of the St. Spyridon Church Chanters and Choir is to provide a Music Ministry worthy of the Worship of the One True God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and to support the Goals and Mission of St. Spyridon Church.


The Chanters (Psaltes) of St. Spyridon Church sing the hymns of our Orthodox faith, using ancient Byzantine melodies that have been passed down through the centuries.  The special skills needed to be a chanter require training and practice.  Anyone interested in learning the rich music tradition of our Orthodox faith by joining our chanters at the psalterion should contact Fr. Joseph.



The St. Spyridon Choir leads the congregation in singing the responses to the Divine Liturgy.  The Choir functions as an extension of the Psalteri by giving a greater number of parishioners the opportunity to participate actively in the Divine Liturgy.  The Choir sings every Sunday morning throughout the year, and at certain other services, particularly during Holy Week.  Practices are held as required, usually following the Sunday morning Divine Liturgy. The St. Spyridon Choir is composed of volunteers, and is open to anyone - men, women, and children - who would like to experience the joy and fulfillment that can be derived from singing hymns of praise to God.            


If you have any questions, please contact the Choir Coordinator, Mary Leogas at






In Matthew 11:30, we read:  "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light".           


You may have noticed that the collar or stole choir members wear over their robes resembles a yoke.  This collar symbolizes our belonging to Christ.  We are "yoked" to Him in our service of music at His Divine Liturgy.


In Orthodox theology, the Greek word "doulos", meaning "slave", is sometimes used to describe our relationship to Christ.  This may seem unappealing until we realize that by enslaving ourselves to Christ, we are freed from sin.  The yoke of slavery to Christ yields a light burden.  The collar we wear around our necks with our choir robes is as light as a feather!  It is a joy to serve Him!


A major impediment to joining the choir for some people is their belief that they can not make the commitment to be available on a consistent basis.  They think it will be too great a burden.   Prospective choir members don't realize the lightness of this burden once they have yoked themselves to Christ.


Singing God's praises fills us with such joy that it soon becomes an activity we look forward to doing; indeed that we are anxious to do.  Far from being a burden, singing hymns to the Lord becomes a balm for our souls and a true source of serenity and peace freeing us from the arbitrary world in which we live.


We invite you to share in this wonderful experience by joining our choir family!